Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A laugh is a smile that bursts

I played on this page with some gelatoes and in real life it looks very girly. I was looking for a girly photo to go with.

That's me in curlers and a homemade flannel housecoat in a behind the scenes look at getting ready for the prom back in 1972 so it doesn't get any more girly than that.

I used my water pen and smeared the gelatoes around on wax paper and then smeared them on the page. I even smooshed the remaining gelatoes from the wax paper onto the page. Love the way the gelatoes came out. I also painted the butterflies using the same gelatoes.

Using my Dear Lizzy labels as a title and some leftover papers as mats from my Studio Calico kits made the photo a perfect pick and that photo has been rolling about in the wayback box for a really, really long time. Recollections pearls and some burlap to add some texture as well as gossimer-looking ribbon.

(I sewed back then and made that housecoat. Made a lot of them actually-got my money's worth from that pattern) I also made my prom dress and there is a photo of it somewhere in the wayback box.


  1. Your page looks awesome and I love that picture!! Very "keeping it real" -love it!!!

  2. So pretty and girly, Lynn! Great work with the gelatos!

  3. Loving the added touch of the butterflies! I have yet to try geletos!


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