Thursday, October 17, 2013

Documenting a not so great photo

My mom loved this photo as its her sitting with her favorite doll. If she told me the house - sadly I've forgotten as I had more pressing things on my mind.

The pressing matter was how to save the photo. This photo was in a glass frame and sat for years in a window or near a window. One day the glass broke and being the keeper of all things past I was on a mission to save it.

Sadly because of "said years" in a glass frame, the photo was stuck to the glass and no amount of undu, dental floss or coaxing could get it out. And if it was to come out - it wouldn't be in one piece.

Therefore, I took a picture of it as it was and tried to photoshop - all to no avail. So I decided since my mom adored the photo - just scrap it as it is. And note in the journaling.

You may also noticed that the flowers I handcrafted here - are being used on this page. Love it bunches. LOL.

Of course some of you will know what a "stoop is". Its a sort of porch or top of stairs where you can sit and while the hours away visiting neighbors.

Moving right aloing, I put a strip across the bottom and tossed and glued the flowers on - because I'm brave that way. Then I had to figure out how to use the rest of the space. And a circle worked. Stamping some Heidi Swapp clocks on the dictionary paper was fun - and Miss Connie over at Crafty Goodies does it a lot. I found a journaling page from Creative Imaginations - really old stash, and split it up (since flowers were already in the way). And a tiny American Crafts label for fun as well as some feathers and birds.


  1. Love the coloured flowers against the black and white background!

  2. What a great memory! I have a picture like that too, still stuck. I'm glad you decided to take the pic so the story was told and glad:):) you listened to Miss Connie:):) she does love that dictionary paper.


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