Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flower Power

This is the stamp I used yesterday on my Gram's page. I really liked it a lot so I decided more would be better.

Therefore I stamped a bunch with black ink on some white cardstock and broke out the watercolors.

Being the decisive person I am, I decided that one of every color would work really really well. Remember RoyG.Biv? That's how I remember all of the colors of the rainbow. 
 I painted out of the lines because I wanted to cut them out and it keeps the white from peeking out. However, if it does peek on out - that's what layers are for.
Broke out the Tim Holtz scissors - I love them because the big handles are friendly to my arthritic fingers. In cutting the intricate details in the flowers - that was annoying and tedious but oh so worth it, turn the paper and not the scissors.
Also don't have a death grip on the scissors like my hands kept insisting on because it just annoys any tendonitus you may have going on in your arm. 

And Wa--LA don't they rock on that paper. Hmm.....that was totally a lucky toss. 

And then I printed a photo that has nothing to do with flowers. ooooooo a dilema
Stay tuned......................


  1. LOL~yes the flowers rock, just change the pic and whala (?) perfection!!!!!

  2. Ooo, pretty! I would never have the patience to cut all of those out. You are a saint. Can't wait to see what they get paired up with. :)


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