Monday, October 21, 2013

Crabby bird

The continuing story of our camping saga!!!

This juvenile night heron flew right into our camp 2 feet from my chair. (Had to look up the bird in DH's bird book).

My camera was in the RV, of course.

He had a crab in his beak and was concentrating on eating it and hopped away allowing me to use all my ninja skills to get into the RV and grab the camera and get a series of photos of the heron wrestling with the crab. The crab gave a mighty fight.

However, the crab lost.

After turning in for the night and during the wee hours of the morning, the night heron returned to his hunting grounds. There is a mirror reflection just about his height on the bottom of the RV and the heron saw his reflection.

Naturally, in an attempt to ward off the poacher in his hunting grounds, he pounded on the RV to peck the "other bird". It sounded like a knock on the door and had DH and I wondering who would come knocking at 3 a.m.

Puzzled as I looked out my window I saw no one but the little guy as he headed for the bushes, it took us a minute or three to figure things out. Of course, he tried a couple more times in the wee hours and evidence of his early morning knocking was in the crazy amount of bird prints near our door.

You just had to be amused.

And of course make a layout of it.

So breaking into the Studio Calico kit; the kesi art background paper, huey mask - which is totally evil and hates me as I tried once again to use it, thickers, vellum die cuts and journal card. Basic grey, QK dies and netting - that I've used the last of up. WOO HOO stash.....


  1. great photo~love how you scrapbooked the pictures. Love the grid paper:):)

  2. I LOVE this one!! the pictures are great, love that mesh that you used.

  3. What an awesome series of photos, Lynn! Love how you scrapped them. Hope that darn bird didn't leave any dents in the RV with his persistent pecking. LOL!

  4. :-) what a great story! Saw his competition in the reflection!!!! I love it!


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