Monday, October 21, 2013

Camping at Long Key State Park

What a well kept secret this place is and because its a state park - not that expensive. And what a primo spot we had. The end of our camper is bumped up to the water. 

I indulged in some hipstomatic fun. I like it better than instagram. And no wifi or TV. The phones still worked so there were a couple games of candy crush going on.Everything a camp needs - a table, a grill and some critter hiding in the bushes - and they also blocked us off from the other campers.
Love the privacy.

The path down to the water - and we arrived at sunset. There was a drop off to get to the water however, I didn't go there. There was a big rock at the bottom stealthily hidden by water and we all know how graceful I can be.

That is a raft/dinghy out there and it wasn't anchored that far off shore. We were able to relax and watch the hunter's moonrise. I didn't see anything eclipsing and took no photos because a. moons are tricky and I wanted to watch it and not behind a viewfinder. 
We were totally busy watching the clouds roll by and picking out shapes; a couple of dogs, a dragon and a dolphin/whale.
It wasn't all relaxing and candy crushing - 
we did bring our bikes this round and got a 2 mile ride in everyday.

This is also week 4 of my crossfitting adventure and I must say I'm totally addicted. I'm feeling the results and one day I can't wait to wake up and see the results. I feel great and I'm doing things I never thought I could or would do. Like running, lifting weights and squats. My knees are getting stronger everyday.

My goal is to squat down and get back up. I can do that now. 

My new goal is to squat down and stay there for awhile. Practicing.

I even did the warmups while camping. Who knew.


  1. What a beautiful place (and photos too)! Congrats on your crossfit work!!

  2. glad to hear about your knees. The place looks amazing. You go on the best adventures:):)

  3. Wonderful photos, what a beautiful place!


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