Sunday, May 12, 2013 need more???

A slightly different take on the ole "let's unroll the toilet paper.
Paper towels.
Evidently not Bounty "the quicker picker upper"
or Brawny "the strength to get things done".
Obviously this is a case where you totally need more.
Big job.
Really big job.
And Miss Amelia's on it.
Ever the helpful Harry.
I'm sure mom was amused.
Like totally.
I think I should've left mom a bit more journaling room.


  1. Must be a fave kid past time, all kids dothis right! Love your take and love the pictures.

  2. Oh how cute and funny!! I know my kids did stuff like this too.

  3. So pretty, Lynn and too funny. This is something Alexa's cat would do. LOL!

  4. Very funny! Cute page, with some fun details. I would never be so daring to use this pp on the background, but it is perfect!


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