Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Giggle - Awake and smell the roses

Love this photo. Love instagrams. Love the interaction between mother and son. The intimacy, the fun, the sweetness. Q is such a sweetie and Jill gets the best shots.

I got to use my leftover houses from the cards and an assortment of papers and a flower. I haven't used a flower in a long time.

No really. 

It used to be the anomoly not to have a flower on a page. Love the change.
Now this one is hilarious.

My boy, the military man, alert at all times, can not only sleep through a freight train but a diaper in his nose and/or face.

I wondered if it was loaded.


It's just too precious. But more funny. Old papers and new mixed together. I need to pay more attention to the mfg's. But I find it freeing that I don't.

There was a time when I knew them right off the top of my head.  Without looking. And then I didn't need to know. I like the fact that I'm learning to toss them altogether willy nilly and make it work. It is a great adventure.


  1. Really cute!! That first one is darling.

  2. Love these. That second one is cracking me up! First one has such a beautiful pic.

  3. The first page makes me want to burst out laughing. Such a cute photo and I love the houses tucked in there. Love the touches on black on the second page. Subtle, but striking.


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