Monday, May 6, 2013

Warrior Princess and Road Trip Boys....

 You may wonder what those titles have in common.

Well they have an adorable blonde babygirl that rules her equally funny and adorable brothers.

Oh the fun.

So in Warrior Princess there is a little pippystockinged girl in a ruffled dress and pigtails gearing up with nerf weaponry that puts Zena-the other warrior princess to shame and takin' it to 'em.

It's great to have older brothers that have your back.
They are also great for grunt power when the princess legs are don't quite reach the pedals and she has places to go and things to do.

Waving her tiny little sunglasses holding mitt in encouragement, and said older brothers working in tandem, I have no doubt she made it to whatever destination she had in mind.

Their mom told me that they made her laugh and grind her teeth - probably simultaneously.

I can only imagine. LOL!!! Glad I'm the gram.
Most product is from the Studio Calico kits, except for the stamp, round journaling csard and stamp. Oh and maybe the thickers on the second one. Love the cork camera....


  1. That is some seriously cool stamping on the second page, Lynn. Love these pages!

  2. Lynn, love these!! I so understand about the girl ruling the boys, happens over here too!! Great work!!

  3. The background work on the second page is great!

  4. Love these. The background on that 2nd page is just amazing.


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