Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Big 1...

Sorry parents - this one's for my album. I forget to do that as I work on their 8x8's. I feel as if I scrapped that photo - time to move. There is no law that says you can't scrap a photo more than once.

In fact I have done that. Once or twice.

I need to do it more often with the grands (forget about the kids now LOL). Or just collect more pictures; one for them and two for me. Bwahahaha!!!

Lou had his first birthday. And I collected a few of the pix. The parents already have their page done. It's almost on its way - I seriously need to throw the completed pages in the mail but every time I do I want to wait because I have more pages made. A really vicious cycle.

I love this photo because I have them as a family in one great photo as the one year was celebrated. I did some messy sewing. I love messy sewing - although it does tend to rattle the home ec training I had when I was younger, it does however, nail down the scrappy papers on my page and bring it all together.


  1. I've done that too. I agree one for them and one for you!! Super cute. I can see why you did it twice. darling Lynn!!!

  2. Look at you with that awesome layering and sewing! Love this, Lynn!

  3. So cute. You do need layouts for yourself too!


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