Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm down here - Hey!

I looked at this photo many times - picking out
papers, finding a theme, the story.
(The majority of the photos of the grands I did not take)
Therefore, there is some guessing going on.
Okay alot of guessing.
As I was putting this page together and in 
seeking a clever title,
there in the mid-page, right next to Owen's left hand.
(His other left).
There is Annie on the floor.
And it made me laugh
and then second guess my powers of observation...
because apparently they are lacking.
Ergo with conversation bubbles - "cartoony" 
just couldn't be helped.

Rocking some old Sassafrass Lass.


  1. I never know what I enjoy more...your layouts or your stories behind the layouts. :) Love the fun circles on here.

  2. you rocked it good!! Love the stories and your humor!!! super Cute Lynn!

  3. Oh what a cute picture!! I love how you used the bright colors from the photo in your layout.

  4. So cute, I love your play on words and how you added humor to the page!

  5. Such a great page - love the color combination that you picked. So fun :)


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