Thursday, May 2, 2013

Water Boy and Old 7

 Continuing in the OGEE mode - they look alike. 
They sort of do.
And if you follow Shimelle you'll notice
I jacked the design from her.
Because it was a cool design for 3 photos.
So water boy is my boy Lou and that means its an 8x8.
Journaling homework for the parents.
He's so cute in tub with the water raining down on him
 and I would've never 
thought of using a basket in the tub.
Gotta love that.
If you've been following the blog - you'll remember that we were 
recently in the keys- Marathon which right next to the 7 mile
bridge that'll take you into Key West.
You may also remember me whining about our
ride over the old 7 bridge.
In the heat of the day.
With no water.
Melted sunscreen.
And the end result was that I got sunburned.
Really really red.
However hot it was, it was a great ride.
And both of us were thrilled because it had been awhile
since we rode. 
Other than the sunburn,
other aches and pains were nonexistent.
Gotta love that.
And I wanted to document our ride.
With 3 photos.
So since the pages are going in different albums in completely
different states, only you and I will know 
they are the same.
Gotta love that


  1. Beautiful pages, Lynn. This design works so well for both.

  2. Beautiful pages Lynn! I love that design, it looks great on both pages and because of the different pattern pps it looks different got to love that. It that the bridge on Sugar-loaf Key? I love that drive it's so pretty. Next time you come this far down we need to meet.

  3. Oh! Great takes! Love that they came out so differently!

  4. We went to the keys about 14 years ago, wow long time ago. I was beautiful then and I can see it still is. Love the first one and I agree love Shimelle's stuff. Great as always my friend!!

  5. You have to always love photos of a baby in the tub!!! CUTE

  6. Gorgeous pics and layout! I love that idea of using a laundry basket in the tub. I wish I'd known about that when my kids were babies. It's way cuter than a big plastic blue baby tub.


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