Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swing batter & Let 'r ride........

Owen practicing his t-ball skills. Indoors. It just boggles the mind because nothing really happens indoors in Florida unless it rains and then its only temporary.

I'm not surprised about the t-ball since dad is a huge baseball fan and the season is starting. Gotta gear up for it and get that bat and ball in sync.

Cosmo Cricket is involved, Creative Cafe, and Authentique. WHO knew. LOL.
And Annie girl is riding high. I've been told she's fearless.

And she looks it.

Ready to ride. Ready to roll. Ready to race.

She's just having a blast and it shows.

All Studio Calico except for the green thickers. And the banners.

I need to start writing these things down again. CRS has a way of lighting and landing. And then hanging around.

Rather totally annoying. Seriously. And don't the designs look similar. I'm suddenly rolling like that. I'm thinking its all good - pages are done and looking good. Psst... I won't tell if you won't. LOL!


  1. Adorable pictures and layouts!

  2. Great pages, Lynn. I love how you were able to use a similar design but make each page its own.

  3. Totally think these are darling. These are clasic child play pic's. Love the combo of papers and the results!!


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