Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day prizes.........

My favorite eldest son was so generous this Mother's day.
I received flowers which thrilled and delighted.
Followed up by Shari's berries.
Totally yummy and Totally worth it.
I was thrilled. Two deliveries within hours. 
Enough to make a grown mom swoon.
I remember when I was first able to honor my mom 
with a bit more than a homemade card.
NOT that either her nor I negated the awesomeness of a homemade card.
Au contraire...
But there is a point in your life when you feel "you made it."
And that you can gift a bit more.
And it makes you feel good and your mom feel even better.
Hard to explain but I know you moms get it.
I know I was delighted when I could gift my mom a bit more.
And I'm so blessed my son was so generous to me and I can
relate to how good it feels.
Because there are times now I second guess my parenthood
and of course wish for that do-over
but somehow through all the screw ups I made my kids make it through.
Both my boys are precious.
I'm blessed to have them both.
So keep them homemade cards a-coming.
I have scrappin' to do.

I have no idea on the pattern paper but I did use my new gelatos.
And the bow came with the berries.
Yum. Again.


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