Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New kitchen floor

as you know or not I had mold problems. (it (the mold) has been conquered)
I found the mold in the bathroom, however, the kitchen
took the brunt of it. Had to replace ALL the bottom cabinets.
So while we cleared all that out to the sheet rock
we decided that we were not fond of the pink tile. (yes, yes,
we picked it out long time ago and what were we thinking). 
So......we (as if I helped) busted up the tile right on down to the cement.
And our friend laid new flooring.
Laminate - that looks like barnboard.
Of course I had to document it. And 
shades of Shimelle.
I've been stalking her and I really love her style.
She has great videos and is pals with glitter girl who also does great videos.
So click on the link and I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.
Because the lift is on there somewhere and its up to you to 
figure it out and find it.
I love that she concentrates on the journaling.
I love that she instructs on design.
I love that she brings it on down to basics and then 
adds a few twists.
I love that I'm not depending on a lot of flowers.
I love that I'm using every tidbit in my kits (like Shimelle does).
I also love that I'm getting pages done.
Like 2-3 a day.
I love being creative every day.


  1. Oh yes,a big fan of Shimelle love your take and the new floor.

  2. Your layout, and the new floor, look fab! Love the diecut houses on there.

  3. Nice-love the wood paper. I never would have thought to do a layout on a new floor-good idea!


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