Thursday, May 16, 2013

The wayback box works in mysterious ways.....

I can't tell you how many times I flip through that box
looking for inspiration or for a photo to fill a page.
And in my quest to find a photo to fill the
orientation of the page I had built 
without a photo in mind, I flipped through the box.
And in my flipping through photos,
suddenly these two pictures where together.
What were the odds.
The three is the photo are a little family.
My mom is the baby and the tween.
And my grandparents.
The pose, the snappy clothes, the expressions.
They are clearly delighted with each other in both.
Even as the years passed.
I love finds like this. Funny thing. I have scrapped copies 
of these photos separately.
Never did it occur to me to put them together.
Until now.
How cool is that.
It was time.


  1. very cool~that the pic's ended up together. Love photo's like the ones you have shown. I think they fit the bill perfect for this vintage inspired { awesome} Lo!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Love those old pics.


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