Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cue the eerie music

Ever pick photos up, lay them back down - and do that several times?

Well I did that same scenario several times with these photos.

First off they resided in the wayback box - separately. After plowing through the box and noticing the similarities, I got them together.

And the did go together. Shocking I know.

Way in the right bottom corner of the photo on the right is me. Took me awhile to find me too. My mom thankfully wrote on the back of the photo that it was Dr. Mercer's castle, 1960. I had to look it up on the internet because that was a long time ago, and the photos didn't ring a bell. It's a museum in a castle in Doylestown, PA. The good doctor collected artifacts and tools of trades and crafts that were used in early America as times were a-changing and industries were moderizing.

I don't remember any of that. What I do remember is that when my brother and I were little (and even later), as a family, we would go on these little jaunts - visiting places,  sight seeing. And while we whined about it back then (not being able to play with our friends), I look back on those fondly. It actually blows me away that my parents took the time and had to save the money to do it. I made my kids do it too. LOL!!!

I did copy my mom's writing from the back and use it on the page as well as using the original photos. Other than that - nothing tricky (except shades of Shimelle).


  1. Sounds like a cool place to visit. Such a great find in your "way back box", Lynn. I love how your photos take you on a research journey! Love the finished product!

  2. You went to my castle {ha,ha} ~ so cool your parents did that with you and your siblings. We never had money for things like that. Had to stay local:):) What i love is you are telling these stories ~that is way cool Lynn and so is your LO!!!

    1. We lived in PA at the time and Doylestown was a hop, skip and a jump. However, it did take gas, lunch and admission.

  3. I love how you tell stories. This is beautiful, it's a treasure that you have your mom's writing on the photo. We were pretty poor but mom also saved her pennies to take us on vacations. She always took us someplace interesting in the USA.

  4. Those pictures are so cool!! Love the layout and the fact that your mom's writing is on it.


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