Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We've moved.........

Entire card. Below is the "inside".

Well not US personally, but a friend moved from the state of NJ to paradise. She's already in love the weather, beaches and casualness. She also loves her new house and wanted a card to let everyone know she moved.

She asked me put 50 cards together and she wanted them to be unique.

I don't do many cards.
I hardly do cards.
I had know idea about unique.

So I blasted to Treasured Memories - my LSS with my friend Holli after we fortified ourselves with a delicious lunch. All Great ideas. We walked through the door of the LSS and lo and behold one of the lovely ladies Pat was working on an acrylic card/album and the light bulb went off more or less....

Of course they didn't have that exact die and it was back ordered into the last century of course, so with Pat's help I found an alternative die after looking at all their card samples - because they are the card Queens. I went home and began to design the prototype.
She said she ok with them not being matchy matchy.

After making the first one, and even though I was thrilled that matchy matchy wasn't required, I decided that some sort of semblemce was required or it would take me forever to get them together especially with all the parts.

50 circles - 2 different sizes.

I feel in love with the TH cityscape die - so 50 of them and the paper had to be cut down first because the die is a pop up.

50 mats and 50 pictures. Of course since it was acrylic - the papers needed to be double-sided. Enter a TH paper pad. And I had just enough papers for all the pieces and one 12x12 and some scraps for a fudge factor. I at first thought I'd have to print the photos at a custom size - what a pain BUT wallet size on my HP turned out to be perfect.

Then I had to find the acrylic because the LSS that had the acryllic used up 2 sheets and I bought one. Found some on Amazon.com - woo hoo and of course had to wait for it to be shipped. The acrylic is called craft plastic - made by Bazzill and of course 25 come in the pack - 2 to a page which had to be whacked down - so I purchased 2 more from the LSS for a fudge factor.

Good thing I prepared for fudge factor. Right out of the gate in cutting down the acrylic to 4.5 x 12 (just fit in the die) I cut one 4x12 :| oh yes I did.

Anyway, I when the acrylic finally arrived - I had all the other pieces cut, inked and glued - added flowers and bling. I want you to know that in using 50 flowers and bling from the ole stash  it didn't make a dent in my supplies AT ALL.

I know right.

Yesterday, I cut down the acrylic - ran it through the Sissix 50 times. And assembled them. Last thing on my list is to find some really cool envelopes they'll fit in and hand them over to my pal for mailing. She is totally thrilled with the card. Whew :)


  1. You are an amazing friend for putting together 50 of these babies, Lynn. They truly are really cool and unique.

  2. Terrific idea! You are a great friend to put so many of these together!

  3. Wow, what a lot of work! Love the idea-they turned out really cool!


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