Friday, May 10, 2013


I woke up early this morning and then laid back down.
I should've stayed up.
Because now I'm groggier than had I just arisen
at 0'dark thirty.
And had coffee.
Busy day- Dr. and PT. 
Oh boy.
Below is a page of my boy who is rocking
the Mother's day prizes.
Here is my favorite eldest son practicing his adreneline junkie ways
at a young age (4 & 6). Actually these photos are 2 years apart.
Thanks to Memaw, who took them and noted 
the years on the back in ink.
And I'm not even going to raise an eyebrow.
After I laid down Jump a subtitle
jumped into my head.
(could not be helped-LOL).
Shirt and shorts optional.
Most of the time that's howNick rolled.
Shoes are also optional because he had socks and no
sense in wearing the shoes out.
We had a great tree in the back that attracted kids from all over the hood.
Climbing, swinging. Somewhere along the line a picnic
table was also involved in helping them 
roll out whatever scenario they had in mind whilst flinging their bodies about.
In all the adventures  - everyone made it out unscathed.
Gotta love that.


  1. You're rockin' the banners on here, Lynn. Another great page! I hear ya on going back to sleep. I always feel more tired the second time around.

  2. Cute layout. Love the pics and the shirts-shorts optional is so true when they're that age! lol

  3. Love the story as much as the LO. Happy Mother's day girl!!!


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