Friday, April 7, 2017

About the 2 photos I wanted to use yesterday

I went through my photos in Aperture
and decided to cut some of the clutter and exported them 
out to regular folders and as I was 
looking through those folders I happened upon two
photos that landed together and something sweet
caught my eye - because those photos were never together before.
 So of course I had to make a page and I have
done pages of these photos separately but what caught
my eye made me want to do a page with both.
 These 2 photos are of my gram and grandpop;
the top one when they first started dating or married 
circa 1930 - they were 29 when they married and that was
considered quite old back then.
The second photo is of them about the 1970's some
40 years later and in both photos grandpop has his arm around gram.
I thought it was sweet and it also kind of set a tone
of their casual closeness because they really weren't
overly affectionate in public.
It just wasn't done in their generation so just
that little move means a lot.

I had some leftover flowers that of course had to used.
I mixed up the Studio Calico with the pink fresh tag and a doily.
At first I thought I had too many word strips and
then I got over it.
Seriously can you have too many???


  1. i love the story,my grandparents were not affectionate in public either, but when i see pictures of them like your grandparents you can defitnatley see the love...

  2. What a beautiful pair of photos and loving people. My grandmother and grandfather NEVER kissed each other before they got married. They must have done well with 12 children. LOL

    1. Your story was so good I forget to let you know your layout is very sweet.

  3. Awww, this is such a sweet and pretty page, Lynn! :)

  4. Very sweet that you found both pics, and put them together!


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