Thursday, April 27, 2017

It started with a watercolor background

It totally did.
Different shades of blue/green in
stripes in the background that I promptly
covered up.
I know you're surprised.
 Also went into a stamping frenzy with some
Studio Calico birthday stamps and
broke out the magic mesh. I like that stuff and
only have a little left.
Is it still around?
 Also used a lot of different color blues.

I would've love to have a donut here but alas, this cupcake
has been hanging in the stash too long 
so there you have it.
Quintin and Amelia have birthdays within a week of each other
so I thought I'd toss their photos together for
their mom's album and because they looked like fun

1 comment:

  1. Love all the elements you used on this page ~ it is stiller :)


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