Thursday, April 13, 2017

Layers and Ledger paper

I started THIS page with 2 photos.
It's been awhile since I used multiple photos and didn't
I have fits with this.
I went through at least 9419471347193471098 different
papers, including transparencies AND mats.
 The photos are heritage - and originals and not 
really good photos.
I probably in hindsight could've made them B&W
but where would the fun be in that.
 So I ended up using kraft and beige because 
seriously nothing went.
(I have no clue on the ledger paper - its THAT old)
Including black - black works on everything
except these 2 pictures.
 I made 2 big tags after tossing envelopes around
that looked stupid.
And more Tim Holtz that I just kept tossing on.
well because I couldn't stop really.
And I actually used Heidi Swapp Tea mist because seriously
what more can go wrong.
And the TITLE. 
Good grief - that was serious overthinking going on.
I had a pack of kraft alphas with white letters
and it would've been perfect had it all the letters- but nooooo
not enough E's.
I know you're surprised.
So I got a small square punch - punched out and then
used my hero arts alpha and started
doing the letters in white which looked dumb
because the white wasn't white enough.
So I changed it up to black - and well its funky enough
to go with the page.

A flipping Heritage page - that I'm ON.
That's just wrong on many levels, but here we are.
So mom and I had similar outfits
and while I was cruising through the way-back
box there they were side-by-side.
I'm 20 years old there (I think) and mom would be 40.
We totally rocked the outfits.

The way-back box is magical.
Everyone should have one.


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