Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Really little mixed media

I found this paper in with a stash of cardstock.
I'm assuming its Studio Calico.
As then, and now,  I wondered what I was going to do with it
which is probably why it was stashed far far away.
 Well as I mentioned before I took Ashli Oliver (aka Soaphousemamas)
Embellish DIY class and felt the need to channel.
First thing I did was back the yellow to the black because 
those colors really rock and then glue the
cutouts back.
Then I traced with white/black pens and splattered some mist.
And wow did I go wild or what.
I added some gesso and white paint to cover up a few ooppssies.
 I started out with another photo in mind but
it just didn't work as well, and this one
of Cavin happened to be laying on my desk and well
his yellow sticker just called my name.
And then layered that baby up.
 Added the owl because I had a ton leftover and
a couple of do-dads and decided I liked it.
Cards are MAMBI, houndstooth tissue Paper Issues.


  1. Cool, cool design, Lynn! You always rock that tissue paper. :)

  2. look at you go with the mix media!!! love it

  3. Thanks for all the bright inspiration! Bloggie Love

  4. This is so cute! Love the bright yellow! BL

  5. This super cute. Love the black and yellow with the letters!

  6. awesome fun colours and design.. BL


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