Friday, September 2, 2016

Rockin' with our friends and ZZ Top

You just can't start any concert without a selfie.
 Of course a couples one.
I am actually wearing make-up.
 And then we made it to the jumbo tron.
How fun is that.
 There were opening acts but their pix
didn't come out as well - there was Jonny 2Bags, Foghat, Southside Johnny.
 But it was ZZ that made the night.
They are soooooo cool.
 They have some signature moves, cool moves, 
that are soooo subtle.
But the music just screams out of their guitars.

And there are only 3 on stage - 2 guitars and a drummer.
Doesn't get more basic than that.
And they did ALL OF THEIR HITS.
A great time was had by all.


  1. So cool, Lynn!! Hey maybe one day we'll end up at the same park AND at a concert! That would be doubly cool!

  2. soooo cool!!! Hope you had a blast :)


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