Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Road trip album - completed

I did complete it at home and I continued
using the supplies I had on the road.
Two things came up- #1 see those rings???
Well I obviously have measuring issues on the rings.
I thought I had 3", I had 1" and on the road I ordered 4 1/2".
Do you see those bad boys - they took over
the little album and I discovered
I actually had 2" rings that worked perfectly.
The second thing is that we boondocked the last few nights
which means no hookups. So our electric, water, etc. had to be 
used very carefully.
 More journaling in these last few pages.

 Remember the adornaments?? Waybackstash LOL.
I wanted something rustic and earthy.
 Naked rings makes me crazy.
Just one of those things.
Love how it turned out.
Looking at using a smashbook I have laying
around for the next trip.

Even though I did cut down on stash this time around
it was really still too much.
I set it up as much as I can - and I wanted to add do-dads.
But again, I took too much.
So I'll be revamping.


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