Tuesday, September 6, 2016

RV scrapping the next round of pages

This book is getting wild. I have 3 inch binder
rings and they need to be bigger.
Do them make them bigger?
Inquiring minds.

Anyway, since I'm sorely lacking in the photo taking
I've collected some ephemera - not much
but it does help.
The pocket is from WRMK on the road I think.
Those cards have come in mighty handy.
(Thanks Holli)!
 These two pages actually correspond.
 Of course ZZ made it in and to keep the tickets,
I jacked this pocket page from my pal
Connie over at Crafty Goodies - 
check her's out here.
 Getting together with friends is fun.
Yay! A photo!
 And then there's our annual Labor Day
picnic photo.
So glad Kevin is there every year to document it.
Circumstances and people change.
Some have left and others have arrived.
The ebb and flow of life.
We'll be headed out Thursday, headed home
the long way.
It has been interesting "living" in an RV for
a month in one spot.
I smell a page coming up....


  1. How many do you now? Look amazing:)

  2. This is looking awesome, Lynn! Keep at it. :)

  3. Cool...how about a blog post on living in an RV in one spot for a month? Inquiring minds DO want to know! :-)


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