Saturday, September 3, 2016

Roasting coffee on the road

The Mister is quite the coffee snob
and decided that his "hobby" would be roasting his
own coffee.
So he brought it on the road, all the comforts of home
right at our finger tips.
 It's absolutely delicious.
He buys the green beans on line
 and then in his coffee roaster

 commences with making magic.
 It does take a touch and monitoring because
one does not want to over roast and burn the beans.
(Think Starbucks)
and wa-la!!
The aroma of the beans and then after its coffee is so amazing.
Of course he makes the best roasted coffee beans ever.
And he had to veer off into decaf
but only for me... because caffeine and I don't 
work well together and doesn't that
stink- after having the best coffee- I have to drink decaf.
However, its still amazingly de-lish and I get my coffee fix.


  1. sounds delish! I thought I was the only one who thinks Starbucks burns their beans. I don't get the hype, they have the worst coffee.

  2. I have to drink de-cafe too. BP problems with the real stuff. Very interesting process

  3. Cool hobby! I have settled for 1/2 & 1/2 and that seems to be working for now, but I can see a future of all decaf, boo.


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