Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oversized photo

This photo needed to be 8x10 more or less.
I wasn't going to back it but the photo paper I printed
it on was so flimsy and it needed some stiffness.
I was also out of my mind with printers this day.
My HP-8250 that I've had for a lot of years bit
the dust by spewing ink that couldn't be cleaned up.
Then for some reason my remaining
printer took FOREVER to print - because the lid
was up (which it wasn't), then I needed to change the ink
(which I did) and then it couldn't "see" it.
(which it finally found it).

Because of the "white space" at the bottom
I kept most all the embellies there.
 I did get a bit over the top with words but
they worked.
Added this at the top because there were "legs" there.
Soooo. Now there aren't.

We take this photo annually and it's mostly family
and some friends.
The dynamics seem to be changing each year, people come and go.
And it was windy.
Really really windy - if you noticed.
I actually tossed mist on the photo.  *gasp*
I love doing pages like this - and need to do more.
If I could find 12x12 photo paper I'd be doing that too.


  1. love how this came out! i haven't taken that plunge yet i'm a little scared.... btw i'm scrapping all day today have the house to myself...

  2. Looks amazing~you solved the problem :) The embellies look great like you have them.


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