Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scrappin' my scraps

Since I've been home I've been binging on scrapbooking videos
and got this great idea from Tori Bissell and
her thing is scrap your scraps.
So she did one that looked like an old ledger paper
and invoices collage she saw.

Mine turned out more calico. 
I decided to use black cardstock as a backing
 mostly because everyone
else is using white.
Quite the renegade I am.
It also made everything pop!
I have a ton of papers in my scrap box and I'll do
this again. I randomly (sortof) picked out papers and
slapped them down.
 I didn't think of photographing it as I did
it until it was over. 
I also used bits of cutout papers too.
Once I adhered it all I gessoed it all -to make
it a bit cohesive and tone down the bright.
 Did a bit of random stamping -
 Also did the packaging technique 
to bring all the wild colors together.
Added a doily to ground the photos.
The photos are a hoot - me and Amelia doing snapchat.
I really love how it turned out-very fun and funky.
Check out Tori - she's a very lovely lady with some great ideas.

Oh and the edges were very um....edgy which made
me crazy so I cut out the middle
of 8.5x11 black cardstock and used the edge and made those
edges quite lovely.


  1. Love love love love..... stealing it...

  2. Love love love love..... stealing it...

  3. Love that you are using the punch out pieces!! Scrap it all, looks fabulous!!!!


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