Monday, July 18, 2016

Out of the mists arises a page

 You may remember this disaster from last week....when I dumped a half bottle of Mr. Huey all over my desk. I did have the presence of mind to clean up before more damage was done and then take the photo.

I did post this on Scrapaholics Anonymous for some well deserved sympathy and while not exactly a challenge, someone mentioned seeing the final product if I ever used the paper.

And I did.

After I completed the page I flipped it over to add all the goodies as I always do and it was hot pink and polka dots with a green blob.. which would've looked cool too but honestly where's the challenge in hot pink and green LOL.

So I decided to make another green "blob" on the other
side of the paper to balance it so to speak
and tossed some more of the mist about. 
I really like the color so I need to think about ordering more.

 I wanted to keep it kind of light and airy so 
I used those QK squares with some small accents
again, keeping to the green.
 The green was kind of getting carried away
so I found some cardstock really close
to the color of the page and added them as "filler."

I really love how it turned out and in hindsight
I would never have thought of using green.
Got to use some Heidi Swapp hearts and finally that
enamel flower. 

I had a blast taking these photos of these two favorite nieces
and at first they were 
all about the posing and then Caralynn decided
she was basically done when I was taking this one. When
I saw her "look" as I was taking it, it has
become my total favorite out of the bunch because it was so natural.
So that look was aimed at me and I was totally cracking up
behind the camera.
The journaling is also on the back because did I remember
to make a spot on the page. 
UH No......


  1. You did a great job turning lemons into lemonade, Lynn! Love this!

  2. Couldn't be more perfect if you had planned it~ love the page!

  3. Glad it worked out so amazingly well!! It truly is a gorgeous Page.


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