Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Historical Appomattox

Absolutely gorgeous and chockfull of history.
Amazing that it was so well preserved.
Appomattox courthouse and welcome center.

 This guy was a hoot.
Pointing out that you were a stranger in his southern drawl,
asking where your from and then providing
a history if your state happened to be in the war.

 A lone grave in the middle of a field.
It was the son of the proprietor of the mercantile at the 
 Appomattox Courthouse.

McClean house

McClean house Summer kitchen
 Inside of summer kitchen.
 Slaves quarters

I really could've spent way more time there.
If you get that way - stop!


  1. Love this so much! Would have loved to see this. Very interested in this time period.

  2. This is on our "to visit" list. Lovely!

  3. Never been there, but looks interesting. Nice pics and thanks for the suggestion!


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