Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mist and paints an excellent combination

I love mixing the two mostly because what I 
lack in color in say oh, the mists, I
totally have in paint and vice versa.
And I wanted more texture than mist so squirting
paint directly on the page does that.
However, it does take awhile to dry especially when the humidity is high.
 I built the page without photos basing the 
rest of the papers on the the red, yellow, smokey mists
and paints. 
And then found the photos. 
These are older ones of Amelia I may have done before.
Do they look blurry to you??
I'm really having a hard time with that lately.
And I just got new glasses.
Or maybe its the camera. I can go with that.
Now to figure out how to fix that.
The title is "she is sunshine". 
Like totally.
The rest is studio calico, authentique, martha stewart doilies.


  1. Love the design _yellow and red always look great together.

  2. Fabulous page, Lynn! This would be perfect linked up to the brand, spankin' new theme at Paper Issues called Pocket Full of Sunshine. Come check it out for a chance to win five sets of flair from Panda Eight Designs. :)


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