Monday, March 4, 2013

We hit 10K on the RV

 And here's the picture to prove it!!! 
Just rolled over on this trip.
 We went from Jax-Tallahassee down the the Gulf Coat Road.
 And found that Pensacola is gearing up for Spring Break.
Gonna be wild times.
 Lots of scenic views going on.
 Didn't have time to ride. Aww shucks.
Its been cold so how weird that we had a hotel room on the beach
while we have an RV..

Shots were made from Iphone sorry about dashboard stuff.


  1. being on the beach~do you collect sea shells? We used to live close to the coast and I loved looking for shells. Still do just no beach is near!!

  2. Love the sky wheel photo. Looks like you're getting around with being at 10K already!

  3. These are beautiful. I can't believe they're iphone pics! Seriously??


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