Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I had lunch at Avonlea Antique Mall-Hipstomatic fun

Its MILES long, has endless booths and a cafe to keep your
energy up. I had lunch with Tom and Carl 
chowing down on the chicken berry salad. Sooooo de-lish.
 The boys left so I started wandering about. Remember patterns?
I wish I had kept mine, however, in reviewing sizes on these
babies mine wouldn't fit anymore. And in reviewing these
sizes and what's passing for sizes now-a-days 
you are having tricks played on you.
 And doesn't this cabinet make you swoon. It would
look great in our entry. Tom is not buying it. Literally.
 So I had to make a pitstop. This is their version of a powder room.
It took me days to get out of it.
 Just washing your hands was an experience. There are 4 stalls and I used
each and every one. And shopped. Quite the multi-tasker. LOL!
 Since Tommy-boy wasn't buying the cabinet, I found this stove.
oooooooooo  However, he pointed out we have one already.
He's a true romantic :|
And then just when I was thinking where's Connie when you need her,
BAM! found some bottlecaps and receipts. The receipts are from Pennsyvania
railroad shipping to the Edison Electric Light company.
Be Still My Beating Heart. 
Connie, my online blogger pal, is the finder & keeper of all things vintage that rock her pages.
And being the copy cat that I am - bought the bottlecaps.
You need to check her out at Crafty Goodies and bookmark her.


  1. OMgosh I would of never left that bathroom, so much goodies in there, that cabinet is beautiful, but the stove is even better, can you believe when my mom bought our house back in 74 it had a red stove just like that one, and we thought how ugly it was and junked it.

    Love all the fun stuff you bought.

    Going to check Connie's blog.

  2. I was going to say that this place looks like it's right up Connie's alley but you beat me to it. :) Glad you had fun!


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