Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freeze Frame

I have no idea how I missed this photo in the first place. 
It's been languishing around since last year and I happened to stumble upon it my mistake. 
And it made me laugh and look at it several times. 
The sign of a great photo right? 
Well 2 of them are the grandboys and they're a freakin' hoot. As you can tell by their poses. 
And then the dog. Seriously? Posing. That's a cause for a grin in and of itself. 
8x8 Size and I believe the background is JBS (I could be wrong) and assorted Bella Blvd and one I can't remember. 
But I wanted to use happy colors.
 I had a great time with this page and I used my brush art font from Sissix with negative and postive space because I was too lazy to go back and cut them again, 
but I'm not clear about the whole thin die things.
 I heard odd things when I ran it through the big shot. SIGH.........

We have left the premises as the mold slayers are doing their thing.
And that stuff smells nasty.
Hoping they're done by the end of the week and we can
put the rest of the rooms together - but the
kitchen will be together.
And oddly we found the problems in the bathroom but the
kitchen took the brunt of it.

We will be rocking with Clapton later this evening.


  1. What a bunch of characters. LOL! Fun banner work with the stars and fun title work too!

  2. super cute~ thought is was 12x12. darling pic's !!1 and hoping the mold problems will be gone soon. have fun rock'in~


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