Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stalking dead people..........

So it appears riff-raff like me can stalk the old cemeteries
between the hours of 9-4.
And I was totally all over it. 
Because I love cemeteries because they have history
and can tell you so much about the people
who lived here and their lives.
 It was a cloudy, gloomy sort of day and that was perfect for 
prowling around in St. Louis Cemetery.
It's amazing.
It's old.
And sadly decaying. 
Unless the families pay for perpetual care, they are 
in charge of tending their families graves.
And for quite a few there appears to be no family remaining.
Katrina didn't help.
 And this gem just flat stood out amongst the crypts.
I'm thinking and its so obvious that its a modern version of the pyramid.
Family crypts are multi-generational and
sometimes its difficult to tell the roles they played.
Movers and shakers or behind the scenes.
 This is the infamous Marie LaVeau's grave.
The multi-racial voodoo priestess who was born free as a daughter of a white planter.
There's no name plate, tombstone but you know its hers.
X's are placed on there for luck. There is also offerings of 
all kinds of trinkets and cards left for her.
Very interesting as she kind of stands alone.
Sort of.
 There are rows and rows like this.
Some crumbling. Some new. Some pristine.
Some awkward rows.
I  also found offerings of shells and rocks left on graves or in their
vicinity but I don't know why.
No one was there to answer that question.
 And don't people leave the darndest things on crypts and graves. 
This was just one of many that I'm sure has a great story to go with.
I'd love to know it.
There are all kinds of statues, crosses and iron fences 
honoring and guarding loved ones.
I have a lot more pix.
I know you can't wait.


  1. This looks like a city of buildings. I wouldn't have guessed a cemetery at first if you hadn't said so. So, so cool! I can tell you that in the Jewish faith it is custom to leave a small rock on the headstone when you've been to visit. Not sure if this cemetery includes any Jewish graves, but that's my two cents. LOL! :)

  2. Amazing photos! That would be one of my stops in N.O.

  3. Beautiful pics. That pyramid crypt is amazing.

  4. This is kinda of spooky ( and interesting) ~waiting on the next batch of pic's

  5. I'd have spent the day there myself!


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