Friday, March 29, 2013

My lil shredders

I'm guessing is a snowboarding term.
And that's what they're doing on the mountain because their Mama
 like my son
is an adreneline junkie.
So this 8x8 turned into an 8.5 x 11 because 
I happen to plop it on the block
and had a hmmmmm moment.
The tan pp has a bunch of arrows on and is very busy.
Sadly it doesn't photo well.
It looks like it needs something more.
I did try the Shimelle tilt only 
I think mine's a bit more tilt-ier than she meant. 
So the adreneline junkie mama needs a bigger album.

We are back from the get out of the house mold slaying tour.
Sadly the kitchen and bathroom is a wreck still.

Hopefully it'll all be back together today. Of course painting
will need to be done but for the most part the
kitchen should be functioning.
The bathroom is going to take awhile.


  1. Lynn, your LO is totally adorable! LOVE the red and kraft together and the picture is beautiful :)
    Good luck with your house make over! Hope you will be done, soon!
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Sylvia xx

  2. I think it looks graet!! Shimelle would approve!!! Hope you get the house back in order soon:):):) In the mean time you can scrapbook:):)

  3. Love the arrow action on the background and the pops of red are perfect! Hope your house gets put together soon!


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