Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Got a double dawg dare goin' on at SNC...

 Jump on in anytime.
So I was thinking when one of my pals asked about paper.
And as I pondered my stacks of paper that
has been hanging around in some cases way too long.
It also took me back to when I first started scrapbooking
and knew absolutely nothing about anything I
inadvertently became the cardstock queen.
Pattern paper was not even a blip on my radar until I
started watching Sandy Genovese on the DIY channel and
my world opened up.
Back then scrapbooking embellishments were beginning to evolve
so unless you had a die cut machine or purchaased stickers (which I didn't) I
produced some really really plain pages.

So today I decided that my DOUBLE DAWG DARE would be to use
nothing but cardstock with a couple of non c/s embellishments.
I broke out paints to use with die cuts and foam stamps.
I whipped out my stamps in order to bring some embellishments to life.
I used watercolors and die cuts.
I'm really happy with the page.
I will always love pattern paper. In fact I have my new
Studio Calico kit and I don't want to cut the papers.
Here is my face :|


  1. You rocked the challenge, Lynn! Love those sunflowers!

  2. that is a scary dare to me. I use cardstock as backgrounds but I love the pattern papers. Awesome LO it looks more than fabulous!!!!

  3. Beautiful layout. I know what you mean about cutting up certain papers. It's tough.


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