Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend artists

As you know, or not, 2 page layouts have baffled me.
It appears my bafflement may have come to an end.
These are 4x6 pix (except for 1) 
on 8x8 double pager. 
I know you're as shocked as I am.
But all of the photos needed to be used in order to tell the story and
I didn't think about it until after I ordered 4x6 photos across the board.
Well  doh!!!
However, it totally worked out. And I couldn't help but do it
in a cartoony style because as I looked at the pictures the pretend
conversation took place in my head.
It just couldn't be helped.
The first photo on the left shows were "Ms I need that crayon now" is seated.
Far far away from her brothers and the action.
Until that yellow crayon became a really urgent need
and it was obvious the brothers were just not fast enough.
I know how she feels because I color the same way.
When I need a color....
I need it NOW.


  1. These are awesome! the pics are adorable. Some of my favorite layouts are pictures of my kids doing art. Sorry I haven't been visiting as much lately-we've been battling a bunch of illnesses here. :(

    1. Hope you and the fam are feeling better. Miss ur visits

  2. These are gorgeous~love the look side by side!!! Great two pager!!

  3. These are awesome, Lynn! I love all of the tags. Two-pagers stump me too, but you'd never know you were.


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