Monday, March 11, 2013

Walking around New Orleans is always fun

 because its quite diverse. You can always find someone
trying to get attention.
Whether they want it or not.
I almost missed the above shot (which I know the settings aren't right) - but
how many times you get to see a big wheel like 
this roll down the street. 
He shot by me and I was really not paying attention.
So I just point and shot.
Sometimes you just gotta go with it.
 As I happened to be meandering the square I happened
upon this aspiring artist sleeping on the job.
Artists and seers jam the square touting their wares
 and it was just too perfect I caught this.
Artistic shot of the day. 
Carriage rides are everywhere. We took one many
years ago and it was very interesting and fun.
This one was sort of shot from the hip.
Because I'm creative like that.


  1. Such cool and creative shots, Lynn! Love the bike one!

  2. love looking at your shots~and the hip shot~perfect!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I would definitely have done a double take seeing that big wheel bike!


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