Thursday, March 28, 2013

You my brown eyed girl...

The song challenge over at SNC. I believe Annie girl's eyes are hazel, however, for the purposes of this challenge they will be brown. I have always loved that song. Its fun, adorable and romantic when someone notices your eyes. Since I'm on the road I do NOT remember the paper. I will point out that until I added this in my album I did NOT notice that the page is not a true 12x12. (I must've trimmed some off).
Imagine that.
So I backed it with some gold cardstock that matches the chevron yellow paper but didn't retake the photo. It looks good with the cardstock. 
And wasn't that tan card fun.
It actually has "girl" printed on it. I rearranged my entire scrap area and how I keep my cards, stickers, and journaling embellishments just to find this card.
After I had the rest of the title on there, the printed word looked flat and goofy so I added more thickers to balance it out. 
A bit o'messy stitching that sort of got stuck on the washi tape. 
SO fyi...washi tape, sewing machine could be bad for business.

We went to the Eric Clapton concert the other night.
And it never fails that wherever we sit there are
drunken bozos that ruin the experience. 
I rant about it on my hub
Please click on the link, read, enjoy, vote UP
and any other adjective you think applies.
Comments are cool too.
Thanks for your continued support. 
He rocks pretty darn good for 68.
Old rockers still rock!

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  1. sorry about the concert:( ~ fabulous layout , sweet, sweet picture!!


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