Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mote Marine experience

After Jungle Gardens we decided to check out Mote Marine.
Its basically an R&D and sea creature rescue
It has expanded a lot since we were last there and there was lots
to see and do.

 The sea lions of course are like the jesters of the sea
and it was amusing to watch the ones in this pool.
Their trainers kept going back and forth and 
the seals would follow them around as best they could.
It was a hoot to watch.
 This one is actually genius. They have a sandy bottom and flowing water.
You pay $5 for a pail for of sand and sharks teeth.
And then you get a sieve and pan for the sharks teeth.
The kidlets have no idea they've been set up and everyone "finds"
a bunch of them. This amused Owen for about 20 minutes.
Just in time for the seal show.
 Of course there are picturesque signs that you can poke your
head or the heads of your offspring's offspring through.
Very fun when you can get them to stand still for 
a second or two.
 The turtles are huge and live a long life when they aren't
in turtle soup. It was neat that the big tanks 
had windows kid high and thus keeping their hands
from getting bit.
 Jellyfish remind me of lava lamps. You can get buzzed 
watching this for days. And the lighting rocked.
Owen proudly showing his cache of "found" sharks teeth.
And he gets to keep the bucket.


  1. Looks like a fun day ... especially for little Owen who by the way is a handsome little guy.

  2. Great pictures. I love that idea of the sand and shark's teeth. Wish they had something like that around here.


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