Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the way home we took a slight detour...

We happened to be going by the Battleship Memorial Park.
Right off Rte 10E
In Alabama.
And for $2 you get lots of old military things.
 There were memorials for the Korean and Viet Nam wars.
 And the USS Alabama that you can tour. 
We respectfully declined because it would've taken hours.
My knees weren't up to it. 
And I/we really wanted to get home.
 This B52 has quite the wingspan and had to breakout my
new wide angle attachable lens.
It works awesome.
 One last shot of the battleship as we crossed the bridge.
We made it home safe and sound.
And its great to be here.


  1. I remember that place, we also got lost getting back on I10. LOL I think I was 19 when we visit there. great pictures.

  2. what a great trip!!! must put this on my bucket list... love all the pics too!!


  3. Wow, these are great pictures! I would love to go to a place like that. We have an air force museum nearby but they only have planes there.


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