Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Raise your hand if you have a lot of boxes

Loaded with photos sitting about. 
Every now and then when I'm searching for that photo(s) that will spark my mojo, 
I all of a sudden happen upon photos I never ever
  noticed the first few million times plowing through. 
It always boggles my mind when that happens.
Because it is now their time to be scrapped.

And those three are IT.
 I don't ever remember seeing them and I don't believe
they were ever stored all together. So I was pleasantly surprised
when I happened upon them. 
The starkness of the photos indicate that the construction of the 
home was just completed and we moved in.
And my brother and I were very excited.
I wrote about this home in other layouts so I didn't go into too much detail here
due to lack of space because I wanted to use this diecut shape.
And I'm baffled I can't identify the man sitting next to pappap.
I punched out the flowers and decided to add gold heirloom glimmermist.
So instead of wasting all that yummy-ness I sprayed them on white cardstock
which came the base paper for the layout below.
I know!!! It's the little things.
This little piece of paper is what's left of the paper behind the photos
that you can't see except for a little bit below the middle photo
and now I wonder why I bothered. LOL.
I did write the address and our phone number down
including the old area code because I was shocked I remembered that
when I couldn't tell you what I had for dinner yesterday.
Funny how the mind works.
Doesn't the negative space and mist rock. I love it and it works
perfect on another photo I happened across of Nick
and Shane at the church Easter egg hunt.
They were so young. Shane was 3 and Nick 12.
I used happy scraps and some jillybean soup diecuts that I reversed
and glimmermisted with turqoise because the other side is pink.
Not that my manly kidlets couldn't handle the pink, the blue worked better.
I didn't add more flowers instead I misted some punched
butterflies on the same kraft paper I misted those shapes and it turned out ok..
That one may be used cut as background or used for punches.
I'm not sure. I have to look at it in the light of day.


  1. That circle paper is perfect for those (ahem) vintage photos, Lynn! Awesome! Love the great misting you did on the Easter page. Makes me want spring to arrive quick, quick, quick!

  2. Stunning~love that you found these and loving the design/style:):):) awesome Lynn!!!

  3. Raising my hand. And they're all over the place too. Love these layouts!!


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