Tuesday, March 5, 2013

tearing up the backroads

 Along the Gulf Coast roads we got our first glimpse of
Mobile AL skyline.
 For some reason blogger does these photos out of order and
then makes it totally annoying to rearrange them.
So Biloxi and you know I love my shrimpers.
And how pretty are these.
 Also cruising down the highway - there were 3 lighthouses.
This was the best drive by shot.
Beautiful dock and park in Fair Hope AL.
There are also bird condos in the water.
Very fun!

Will be roaming about New Orleans today and hopefully do some 
different things this time around.


  1. Love your pictures and I love how you guys get to travel and see the world:):):)

  2. Your pictures make me feel as if I'm visiting these places too. You should become a travel agent. :) Beautiful!

  3. I love the Gulf Coast! Enjoy New Orleans - can't wait to hear about it.

  4. You guys - always having a blast! :)


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