Thursday, March 7, 2013

Around the Vieux Carre

 and that means "old square" - I had to look it up.
So I happened upon Jackson Square again.
You really can't help it.
Since people actually managed to stay out of my
camera lens I love this shot from the fountain out
to Andrew Jackson statue. Because the horses front
legs are in the air, it means the rider died in battle.
 Cruising the streets shops have amusing items in front of their door.
 I love the ethereal look of these buildings and I don't know how
I achieved it. Something I did with the exposure or lack thereof but
it muted everything and its really how they look in real life.
This is a popular hotel and its because of the corn on the posts of the 
fencing, but not only that its a beautiful, well kept structure and
just happens to be next door to the hotel below.
When I was last here, I took the haunted history tour 
the Andrew Jackson Hotel was on the tour and has
noted experiences of hauntings. It was a boarding school
back in the 1700's when a fire broke out and
5 children lost their lives.  
 and this bar was also on the list.
 In its former life, it was the LaFit brothers blacksmith
shop and its reported that its haunted by a girlfriend of one of them.
Notice the spot there - that I didn't notice when I took the photo - I'm
going with the spooky.....
because I can.


  1. ooooooooo sunspot/ghost/whatever - looks cool anyway ;) Way to rock the cam as usual - LOVE THESE ...makes me remember I have to get out more. and possibly hide myself in your RV. LOL

  2. Didn't know that about the horses legs in the air~love these kinda of posts. I can see the world through you. Wish hubs would quit working and we could travel more ** sigh*** one of these days!! Love the post lynn, you should do a hub post.

  3. I love looking at these pictures, bring back lots of memory, I have never noticed that spot either, and I have seen it a few times. Love following you on your adventures,.

  4. These are beautiful. I did not know that about the horse and rider statues.


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