Friday, March 8, 2013

The Cabildo museum and French Market

Touring the museum was on my list
and they had tons of art, artifacts and information
from the Indians in Louisianna and all the
history in between.
It was very fascinating.
The museum is located next to the St. Louis cathedral.
 So I couldn't resist a do-over of the cathedral which is
beautiful without all the stages and cables that were being erected for
Mardi Gras and Superbowl when I was here last.
And this is the view from Artillery Park without a bunch
of peeps and junk in the way.
Timing is everything.
 I decided I needed to cruise on over to the French Market 
and this golden statue of Joan of Arc greets you as you stroll 
down the thoroughfare. The 
statue was presented to the city by Charles de Gaulle in 1959.
The French Market is actually a flea market and I couldn't
resist this wine glass. 
 Returning to our abode I was shocked when I found that the
street was basically people free
and the blue and white building just begging to 
be photographed.
I adore the rustic-ness.
And the architecture.
and the balconies - make you swoon.


  1. love this series you have been doing. I have never been there would love to go see all this!!! I love history too!!!

  2. Awesome shots !! I live vicariously through you and your trips ;)

  3. Great shot of the artillery park, Im loving the point of view.. I woulda judo chopped those pedestrians out of the way for you. Always good to have a great wing-ographer around. ;)

  4. Amazing pictures. Love visiting places like that.


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