Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The mojo is getting a bit better

On Halloween - as stated Holli and I got together
and she had this fun, cool spider.
And now he's mine!
It was still painful putting this page together
but it was getting a bit better.
If it weren't for all those Decisions..... LOL
 She also had this cool spider that made my day
and that sign, and those enamel dots.
Holli has a lot of cool stuff.

 So this paper is K&CO and very busy so of course I added to it with 4 photos.
Love these photos of the grands. Such diverse costumes.
Very FUN and the photos too precious.
Sam - Spider man and Lou -the bunny and I really need to get 
more informed on cartoons (which I love BTW) because I am not
up to speed on that rabbit. 
Maybe if I google it - BRB!
Found it!! 
Judy Hopps a Disney Character from Zootopia.


  1. Ooo! Love those spiders. Such a great page!

  2. Great spiders! The kids are getting so big (and why does that statement make me feel old??)

  3. another adorable page i love zootopia great movie


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