Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It was one of those mojoless times

and it happened when my pal Holli and I got together
at her place to scrap.
How uncool is that.
However, I persevered and got to thinking not all
pages have to be the "Mona Lisa" quality.
Sometimes you just have to glue things down and let go.
This Echo Park paper is really fun.
I did put the page together but after I brought it home it
seemed to be well plain.
So I added more mists and enamel and Nuvo dots about and
that really helped.
Also outlining in a sharpie helped.
 I did a couple clusters of them as it was really fun.
I did put some itty bitty hearts to the mix
and that turned out really neat too.

 Seriously, I agonized over this page and was like why.
However, it broke the ice and a couple of more
pages came so there's that.
And it's fun shopping at Holli's - she had some neat stickers
that helped the pages be special.

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  1. I don't know but it looks pretty good to me :)

  2. the page is great ! I'm always here to help... shop shop shop


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