Monday, November 7, 2016

Scattered stuff

This page just sort of evolved without a plan really.
It started out with another photo sequence
that needed grounding so I used my Sissix die for a border strip.
And when the dots fell out all over the page,
well I just glued them.
And then added more in a different color.
And then there was a big blank space where only
the title could go.
 Love the little bird and I did him in blue that totally matches
and rocks the page and then
there's the strip that started it all.
 Of course the whole dot thing is repeated at the bottom of the page.
And didn't I use up a bunch of stuff.
 The touch of red was kind of an after thought.
I like it.
It's kinda wild and really different.
So Sam - looks like a 'lion' with the yellow balloon
around his head 'growling.'
Work with me here.


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