Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who doesn't love a koala bear

It's funny, life has a rhythm and ours seems to have 
a steady beat.
I like that.
Even when we're on the road.
Koalas are adorable and their rhythm is really
really fall asleep slow.

Even with the holidays the beat seems to remain the same.
I like that too.
Have you started decorating for the holidays?
We haven't yet.
Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either
but I have an idea for the grandkidlets.
Hopefully it'll all fall together before Christmas
because I only had 11 months to get it rolling LOL!!


  1. I love koala bears and this one's a cutie pie! No decorating here yet. I'm not even sure if I even want to this year.

  2. Don't feel alone, I did most of mine through Amazon this year :) Getting close to being done. You might want to try that :)

  3. Ha, we did minimal decorating, put all the lights on timers, and hit the road for the Keys this AM. :-)


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